16-32 Week Golf Specific Training Program

Are you ready for the off season? Do you have a plan? Are you going to focus on training in the gym? What parts of your game need to improve? Do you have any lingering injuries? These are all valid questions that people should be thinking about as it starts to get colder (In Canada at least).

A lot of people go to the gym or exercise with no real purpose behind their training. This might work for a while, maybe even 5 – 10 years, but the majority of people will plateau or never really reach their true potential. For some individuals this is fine and they will never really know or care how good they can be if they had a little direction. That’s where my 16 week golf specific training program comes into play. I created this program to give golfers some direction and variability in the gym during the offseason. 

The workout program is separated into 4 different phases to assure that you are improving throughout the whole program. All of the exercises performed will improve your ability to move in all planes of motion. Too many people live in the sagittal plane meaning they go up and down or forward and back. They neglect to go side to side or rotate and this creates muscular imbalances and can lead to injuries. Also, it’s not an effective way to train as a golfer since we want to be effective at rotating (swinging) and side bending (tilts). 

I’ve created this program based on my past experiences working with golfers and different types of athletes. I know this program will take you and your game to the next level. Each workout program comes with a video example and the cues I would say to you if you were working with me in person. Also, I’ve incorporated some flexibility into the duration of the program. In order to improve your exercise abilities your workout programs should be done for 4-6 weeks at a time. This workout program is a 16 week golf specific workout program that can be potentially extended for 24 weeks, if you do each phase for 6 weeks, instead of 4. Another way that this program can be utilized, this offseason, is to do each phase twice which will give you a 32 week program. Depending on where you live you might have a longer or shorter offseason. This way you can use the program for whatever amount of time needed and you know you will be getting better!

Below is a sample workout from the 16 Week Golf Training Program.

Sample Workout

Exercise Complex 1 – 3 Sets

1A Split Squat Jumps – 5 Repetitions / Leg (Explosive)

1B Half Kneeling Side Bend – 5 Repetitions / Side (Controlled)

1C Skaters / Plate Push – 10 Repetitions / Leg (Controlled)

Exercise Complex 2 – 3 Sets

2A Kettlebell Rotational Squat to Press – 8 Repetitions / Side (Controlled)

2B Walkout / Shoulder Taps – 8 Repetitions (Controlled)

2C Single Arm / Single Leg Row – 8 Repetitions / Arm (Controlled)

Exercise Complex 3 – 3 Sets

3A Split Squat / Bottoms Up / Kettlebell Press – 10 Repetitions / Side ( Controlled)

3B Hips First . / Resistance Band Chops – 8 Repetitions / Side (Controlled)

3C Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps – 10 Taps / Arm (Controlled)

This workout is from phase 2 of the program and it’s one of my favourites. All of these exercise complexes are to be done in succession. Meaning you complete exercises 1A – 1C, for 3 sets in a row, before moving forward to 2A – 2C. Rest can be taken after all three exercises are completed depending on your fitness level.

If you like this program and are looking to improve your fitness levels this off season then consider purchasing my 16 week golf specific program.


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Hips Don’t Lie

Why do golfers need to have good hip mobility?

In order to swing the golf club efficiently, it is essential that you have good hip mobility. That’s not to say that people with poor hip mobility can’t be good golfers, it just means they have to compensate somewhere else to swing the club effectively. This usually leads to injuries with the most common one being lower back pain. During the golf swing your hips move anterior and posterior (front to back) and rotate internally and externally. If we can’t move our hips this way it’s going to show up in our golf swing. My job as a Strength and Conditioning Coach is to help you play golf PAIN FREE for as long as possible. When I see someone with poor hip mobility the first I think is, if you don’t fix that, your playing career isn’t going to last that long.

Here are 3 great drills to add to your mobility routine:

Dynamic 90/90 – 5 – 10 Repetitions / Side  


  1. Legs create two 90 degree angles
  2. Slowly rotate and resist
  3. Toes pointed up
  4. SLOW
  5. Breathe

Side Lying Side Kicks – 5 – 10 Repetitions / Side


  1. Side Lying
  2. Drive knee to the ground / Extend and point heal to the sky
  3. Keep the rest of your body on the ground
  4. Torso active
  5. Breathe

Side Lying Reverse Clam Shells – 5 – 10 Repetitions / Side


  1. Side Lying
  2. Knees together
  3. Separate feet while keeping knees together
  4. Purposeful movements
  5. Breathe

Should I be making sure I’m mobile before progressing to strength and power exercises?  

YES! You shouldn’t load a movement pattern if you can’t do that pattern correctly. I like to use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen to give me a good idea of your abilities. Once I understand where the biggest limitation is, that’s where I start. I will use mobility and stability exercises first before progressing to strength and finally power. You should be mobile before strong and strong before powerful. Now if you can find the right recipe and put it all together then you’ll look something like Dustin Johnson. A very mobile person who has tremendous power! He’s also a pretty good golfer who just won the Fed Ex Cup and $15 million dollars!

Should I just start doing these drills or should I warm up? 

I like foam rolling, rubbing or exciting the muscles before doing these drills. No matter what you have at your disposal one of those will work. Depending on how much time you have will determine how much of the body you’d like to focus on. If you have ample time then you should do this to your whole body. If not, I recommend always doing your calves, glutes, hip flexors and t-spine. These drills will circulate blood to the tissue, warm up the tissue and prime the muscle for exercise. Try and do it on one side of your body and perform an exercise. You’ll feel the difference!

Here’s is an example of each to add to your prep:  

Rolling – 5 – 10 Passes/Side

Rubbing – 30 seconds / side

Exciting – 15 – 30 seconds / side

How often should I be doing these type of drills? 

The great part about body weight drills is that you can do them a lot. If not everyday, close to it! I advise my clients to do these drills at home at the end of the day; whether you’re watching television or you’re just hanging out. All you need is a little bit of space. The more that you do these types of drills, the quicker you will improve. 

If you want to play golf for a long time then you should be doing some sort of mobility / recovery program a few times a week at least. This will keep you moving efficiently for as long as possible! 

Will this help my low back pain? 

A lot of times when people experience low back pain it’s because they have tight hips. If they have an anterior tilt (big arch in lower back) there will definitely be extra stress on their lower back. You’ll see people who have S-Posture that suffer from low back pain because their hip flexors are over active and their glutes are under active. By incorporating these types of workouts on a regular basis will assure that you don’t have any extreme muscular imbalances. Another good reason to do hip mobility drills regularly is because we all  tend to sit way too much during our day. Performing activating, mobilizing and stretching exercises in succession will help to keep your hips healthy. 

Have you downloaded my FREE Mobility for Golf e-book? There’s fifteen different drills like the ones above focusing on your ankles, hips and t-spine. 

Another great resource to help you move your hips is my Hip Mobility Program which offers three levels to progress through. It is a great program for a beginner and an advanced exerciser. 

How can I strengthen my hips once they’re mobile?

DEADLIFTS! A lot of golfers are intimidated by deadlifts but they’re so good for you if you can perform them correctly. Any variation will work but I like standard and sumo deadlifts the most. Lunges and bridges are great too and you don’t need a lot of equipment to perform them. If you are looking to strengthen your hips this is a great place to start. Always start with little to no weight and progress appropriately. If you haven’t ever performed a deadlift then my advice is to hire a professional to teach you. You can really hurt yourself if you don’t do these drills with perfect form.

Here are 3 exercises to strengthen your hips:

Deadlift – 5-8 Repetitions


  1. Feet hip width apart
  2. Push the ground (weight in the middle of your feet) away and stand up
  3. Knees stay inline with your feet and hips
  4. Hip hinge pattern
  5. Tall spine (Maintain throughout) / Strong torso

Kettlebell Lateral Lunges – 5-8 Repetitions / Side


  1. Narrow to large step (wider than shoulder width)
  2. Keep toes forward at all times
  3. Kettlebell or Dumbbell between legs
  4. Trail leg stays straight / Lead knee bends and hips hinge
  5. Tall spine (Maintain throughout) / Strong torso

Single Leg Bridge – 30-60 Seconds / Side


  1. Start on your back heels to finger tips
  2. Drive your hips up by squeezing glutes
  3. Lift one leg and keep it inline with your other leg
  4. Strong torso / Squeeze glutes and don’t arch your lower back
  5. Breathe

Should I be doing power drills focusing on my hips?

YES!! Your hips are where we develop and create our power. It is very important to include power drills in your workout regimen. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 68 there should be some kind of power exercises in your program. Obviously, the selection of those drills will take into account your ability, exercise history and past injuries just to name a few.

Here are 3 exercises to develop power in your hips:

180 Jumps – 3 – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Athletic Position
  2. Rotate and jump aggressively
  3. Land soft and don’t let your knees drive inward
  4. Quick jumps / Pop right back up when you land (Under control)
  5. Load and explode back

Lateral Bounds – 3 – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Start on one leg with contralateral arms
  2. Small jumps to start but gradually get farther
  3. Stick the landing (If you fall then you went to far)
  4. Absorb the landing (Soft)
  5. Load and explode back

Kettlebell Swings – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Feet hip width
  2. Drive your hips up by squeezing glutes
  3. Let your arms move because of your hips
  4. Kettlebell shouldn’t go past your chin
  5. Hip hinge / Not a squat

I hope you liked this new post!

If you’re interested in improving your fitness and moving better than you ever have in your life, you’ve come to the right place. While you have to be committed and have self-discipline to complete an exercise program, these habits will help you advance as a golfer to play this sport at a higher level and for a longer time. I’m passionate about helping people reach their potential through fitness and I’m excited to use my experience and expertise to take you to the next level.

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CSC New Website

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and visit my website. My name is Mark Cormier and I’m the owner and operator of Cormier’s Strength and Conditioning (CSC). I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for 11 years training athletes from various sports, ranging from youth to adult and beginner to professional. These days my primary clientele are golfers and I want to use this blog to share my expertise on how to create the best body not only for golf, but for life.

Here’s my intro video from my YouTube page (make sure to subscribe to my channel): 

There are a lot of ways to create an efficient body for sports and specifically a rotational sport, but none better than the unique system that I’ve designed. I’m a golfer and I understand how the body needs to move in order to create consistent ball striking, explosive power, balance and stability. This is the recipe needed to be an exceptional golfer in today’s game. In these posts, I will talk about some of my systems and training techniques that I use to help people reach their potential.

When I decided to update my website, at first it didn’t cross my mind that I should start writing a blog, but here I am writing my first blog post. As I write my first post, I haven’t fully decided or committed to how many of these I will write, but my thinking is that I will put a new one out when I have a new product coming out, a client success story, monthly or quarterly. These blogs will feature many topics including: 

  • Client Spotlights 
  • New Products 
  • New Services
  • Tips 
  • Equipment 
  • And more 

Whatever topic I write about as a blog post, there will be something that will interest you as a golfer.

As I said, recently I decided to update my website and I’m very excited to share it with my network. Next, I want to take you through the meat and potatoes of the actual website. There are many different features that weren’t available on my old website. The biggest upgrade by far are the membership options. Now this is the absolute best way to achieve your goals while working with me. Depending on your availability and resources, simply choose the option that best suits you. Par, Birdie and Eagle are the options and each level progresses to give you more access and time with me. There are limited spots available in each membership level so if you’re thinking about joining, don’t delay! 

I’ve also added an exercise video library for my members. If you follow me on social media, you know that I put out a lot of exercise videos. The big difference with this library is now they are organized into movement patterns. Also, each exercise has the cues that I would say to you if we were training together in person included in the video. There’s over a 150 videos available and I’m adding more often. 

The other section that is offered to my eagle membership is the program section. In this section, you will have the ability to view and download all of my premium programs. I will be adding different programs to this section monthly. The programs that are already available are the ViPR Pro Golf Specific Program, 16 Week Training Program, Pre and Post Round Program and the Hip and T-spine Mobility Levels 1-3 Programs. Some of the programs that I have started creating are Power for Golf, Strength for Golf, Major Movement Patterns Decoded, In-Season Program and On the Road program. Each program will be available to purchase individually or you can buy the eagle membership to access them all. 

Another change to CSC is I have introduced dedicated days for training. Up until now, I would schedule my training any day of the week and by appointment only. Moving forward, I’m hoping to have more balance in my life and so have decided to be available for training at the times below:

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Saturdays 7:00 am – 1:00 pm

If you’re interested in improving your fitness and moving better than you have in your life, you’ve come to the right place. While you have to be committed and have self-discipline to complete an exercise program, these habits will help you advance as a golfer to play this sport at a higher level and for a longer time. I’m passionate about helping people reach their potential through fitness and I’m excited to use my experience and expertise to take you to the next level.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this first blog post. Until the next one…